Software Engineer

I am a Software Engineer. I have a Bachelor (Honours) of Science in Information Technology from the University of Sunderland - Class of 2003. I have been developing software since 2001 when I was offered a role at CERN as part of their Technical Student Programme.

By 2016 I had grown really tired of the software industry and by the end of 2019 Apple killed whatever excitement I had left. I am not sure what the next 10 years will bring. What I do know is that my apettite to do work that is impactful has only grown bigger and stronger. Great people make me tick more than anything.

I am also tired.

Evaluation ...Don't Lose Your Train Of Thoughts

It’s time for your code

The Don’t lose your train of thoughts started out with quite an excitement and some early critisism :) (even became a popular post at the time!) but unfortunately didn’t stir the community as mush as I would have hoped. Wishing there was more interaction with people leaving comments, raising their concerns or providing just some feedback.

It did however create enough content with 8 posts about software design all coming out from a single paragraph of text.

Some liked by many but talked by none, other didn’t seem as popular.

As far as the community goes, one went missing, one was bitter, couple had a go at things and shared their thoughts, while others were puzzled and confused.

It even managed to inspire so as to write object oriented code and that’s quite an achievement.

Each post would usually take around 45’ to write. Though there was a rough idea where it was going, it was written on the spot and only went through some editting to get the form and style right making sure it’s coherent and easy to follow.

Was surpised that although the examples were Java based they didn’t scare people away and even coders with a different background liked them.

It lasted roughly a month at an approximate average rate of 1 post per 3 days generating in total (at the time of writing)


Also identified what I refer to as the the @kyle effect. It looks like every time kyle liked a post it spur the interest of people as there was a tremendous spike on views. Trying to interprent that, is either because @kyle has a lot of followers and people usually look for posts through the “Activity from friends” tab (hence more exposure) or that @kyle has a greater appeal :)

There is one exception to that rule when he was “late to the party”.

That might also mean that as the community grows it might get more difficult to discover relevant posts.

In any case the above are only personal guesses as I don’t have any metrics on how people interact with the site.

Kudoz to YOU for participating in this!