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I watched a few documentaries on the history of video games and the rise of an industry.

I am a sucker for these types of documentaries. Documentaries that provide a retrospective, hearing the stories from the people that made history. Nostalgia definitely played a part in my enjoyment as well. I grew up in the 80s and the 90s so I saw the video game industry unfold before my eyes.

What I find most fascinating is how people came together and how their creativity flourished. I wish I could know more about both the personal and societal circumstances that lead to that. Granted, back then the boom of personal computing and the video game industry was just getting started. Still, what I want to know is how people had the time, support, resources, attitude and appetite to take risks and pursue their dreams?

The gaming industry hasn’t stopped as far as I can tell. My guess is that there are way more indie developers now. On the other end of the spectrum, video game productions are growing bigger and bigger. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage in diversity and development of video games.

The rest of the tech scene looks and feels much different. You have “indie hackers” chasing monthly recurring revenue. Startups thinking of becoming the next billion dollar company. Venture Capitalists betting money left and right playing the odds of winning back tenfold on an acquisition or a public listing.

We live in a world that is more connected, technology is more accessible, the bar to entry for manufacturing and production is lower yet Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google pretty much dominate.

It seems like we have all become numb, waiting for the next big tech event, year after year to hear about the “new innovations” and latest products.

What happened to the tinkerers, creatives, rebels and dreamers in the tech industry? What will it take to create a movement? I’m dying to be part of one right now.

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