What’s the point in life? To have fun? I’ve certainly had fun with this Next and that is good enough for me. But if you want the wider story, then I think there are several avenues.

For some, this could simply be a programming platform free from all the libraries, framework and constraints of modern day system.

It’s like the 80s all over again, where you plug in a machine, and you can instantly start coding. I for one miss that.

There is something about the brutal simplicity, which just draws you in, and then, because this isn’t a complex beast, you can actually gain an understanding of what you are doing.

Even using a high level language like BASIC you can see how your commands affect the system. It’s an elegance we lack these days.

Sure, you could use a retro system for that, but this is a new machine, with a new community excited to see what they produce. It’s not a rehash. It’s current but it’s grounded in the past.

I miss that too.

ZX Spectrum Next | Nostalgia Nerd

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