The next 10 years

BScIT (aka Biscuit) class of 2003 at the University of Sunderland.

There is a whole story of how I ended up working at CERN but that’s for another day. What’s relevant is that at CERN, in 2001, I was “christened” a Java Developer. I had no prior experience in Java or related backend stack (e.g. databases). Fast forward to 2003, back in Greece, that experience landed me a job at Forthnet which created a career trajectory as a Java Developer.

Starting with Java EE as a junior developer gave ample room to grow. I practiced object oriented programming. I got a grasp of HTTP and the web. I learned about databases, multithreading, linux, servers and infrastructure. Even though I was a junior developer, I was given plenty of autonomy and responsibility. The last professional role I held as a Java developer was in 2011. That’s roughly 10 years of dedication to the platform, though just recently I wrote a full blown Java EE 8.0 application that served as the backend for Windmill. It felt like riding a bicycle.

Becoming an Apple developer was a different story altogether. Steve Jobs’ announcement of the iPhone, inspired me. I took the “CS 193P iPhone Application Development” at Stanford University of my own volition. Java and the web had failed on the promise of a rich web application and mobile as a platform had just become ready to take off. I saw it as an investment to further grow as a professional and it paid off. I spent the next 10 years as an Apple Developer.

A few days ago I watched a documentary where I learned about the World Robot Olympiad and the non-profit organisation WRO Hellas. WRO Hellas provides training to academics, educational material and robot parts to aspiring robotics engineers living in Greece. It also organises national competitions for mentees to compete. Seeing so many young people passionate about robotics and programming, got me thinking about what I want to be engrossed in for the next 10 years.

I am not sure. I would love to hear your thoughts at

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