MacBook Pro random shutdown fix

I mentioned in the past how the MacBook Pro Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013 would randomly shutdown and shared my experience with an Apple Premium Service Provider in Athens, Greece.

I have been running RealMacMods, NoCrashMBP for over 3 weeks now and I haven’t experienced any random shutdowns ever since.

From the RealMacMods website.

The CPU has several power states and voltages. Some CPUs have become unstable at the extremely low voltage on one of it’s cores. The CPU will sometimes briefly dip into that power state, and if it happens to be on the core wherein it is unstable you will see the “silent” crash. Screen goes black, a few seconds later it dies completely. This condition was observed with external test equipment, as well as through internal cpu voltage monitoring.


This utility runs in the background and keeps it from ever hitting that extremely low state/voltage.

Indeed the “NoCrashMBP” app adds a load, at times up to 20% on a 4 core CPU that the MacBook Pro I own has. I haven’t taken any measurements on the impact it has on battery. Compared to ~€750 service cost, I’ll take the reduced battery performance.

I hope that the MacBook Pro lasts for at least 1-2 years. I’ve only had it since April 2014.

Keep in mind that just because this solution worked in my case, it does not mean it will work on yours. For me, spending €9, when I was already at a loss of €340 was a small price to pay. Especially when I was told I had to pay an extra €750 to replace the logic board.

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