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Reasons I have resigned, quit or was let go of a job.

I thought I’d share this. I get the feeling, we don’t talk openly about it. Not that we should. Quite the opposite. Why share then? I hope people will see that leaving a role is part of life and there is nothing more to it.

I believe it’s inappropriate to ask this question, it won’t get you any meaningful answers and it may lead to awkward conversations and I do mean as part of an interview.

So here are some of the reasons:

  • No room for personal development and future growth.
  • Not a good culture fit.
  • Politics, corporate structure, didn’t care enough at that point.
  • Change in technical direction, management style that meant engineering would have a lesser role. Wasn’t willing to go down that path.
  • Not supported enough, change in business priorities.
  • The writing on the wall lead 3 people to resign in the same week.
  • Wasn’t commited enough or “loyal” to the company, I think?