Human above all, with pathos, weaknesses and grumpy at times. Speak for myself; think out loud. Direct, seemingly hard faced. Urged to fix things. Am fortunate.

Anxiety looks different in men (The Wall Street Journal)

Source: Anxiety Looks Different in Men By Andrea Petersen

When a man explodes in anger over something seemingly insignificant, he may appear like just a jerk. But he could be anxious.

Anxious “men may present as loose cannons, but they are worriers,” says Kevin Chapman, a clinical psychologist in Louisville, Ky. “Aggression tends to be more socially acceptable to many men than anxiety.”

In general, men are less likely to receive treatment for mental health issues. “We’ve been socialized from a very young age to see emotional vulnerability as a weakness,” says Michael Addis, a professor of psychology and director of the Men’s Well-Being Research Group at Clark University in Worcester, Mass. “Seeking help is seen as a sign of weakness as well,” for some men.

How to Help

—Be compassionate. Don’t view him as being stubborn, see him as a human being who is struggling with a heavy burden of expectations.