Anthony Bourdain - Parts Unknown

Have restarted watching Parts Unknown.

Antony’s narration alongside the superb editing and direction of the show is so immersive that I am immediately transported to the place where he is at.

Antony’s genuine curiosity alongside the background research on both the history and the present of a city provides an incredible insight into its political circumstances and people’s daily lives.

From Koreatown in Los Angeles to Detroit and Mississippi Delta, south to Mexico City, across the Atlantic Ocean to Libya, north to Russia, east to Punjab, further into Hong Kong and Tokyo, his contribution in learning more about the world is immense.

Teaching us to be open by default, tolerant, curious, caring, respectful to other cultures. Inviting us to travel more, not as tourists but as inquiring minds looking to expand our view of the world. To learn from each other simply by having a conversation while eating together.

I believe it is a show where everyone can learn from and should watch in their lifetime. I don’t know what it takes for a Television show to be preserved in the Library of Congress but I really think that Parts Unknown should be preserved for its significance and importance.

Anthony, I dearly miss you. Wish I could have saved you.

Chapter One.

To fall in love with Asia is one thing.
To fall in love in Asia is another.
Both have happened to me.

The Star Ferry to Kowloon at night.
Lights of Hong Kong behind me.
It’s a gift, a dream, a curse.

The best thing, the happiest thing, yet also the loneliest thing in the world.

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