A life filled with music

I can recall that eye-opening feeling paired with excitement from discovering my music library all over again.

I had an iPhone 3G when I bought my first iPod Classic. For the first time I was able to carry with me all my iTunes Music library.

Every song I listened to was a trip down memory lane oozing with emotion.

Walking on top of Wearmouth Bridge on a cold winter night in Sunderland, listening to a Blind Guardian cover of Dio’s Don’t Talk To Strangers.

Spending Easter with a loved one in Coventry listening to Brian May.

Dancing to Found An Angel at The Palace Night Club on Newcastle Road.

Feeling haunted by Eminem - Stan ft Dido.

Crying to Angels by Robbie Williams.

Being melancholic to Street Spirit by Radiohead.

Music spoke to me, made me cry, comforted me, filled me with joy, caused me to reflect.

I have been a subscriber to Spotify since 2009. Music is more accessible than ever yet it sits in the background. It has lost its impact.

In an effort to increase play time (i.e. revenue) music services have lost touch with what role music plays.

You feel (want to feel) happy? Here is a “Happy Hits” playlist. Are you at the gym? Here is a “Motivational” playlist. Want to retreat to yourself? Here is a “Sad Songs” playlist.

This isn’t about owning versus streaming music. It’s not about albums vs playlists. This is about feeling connected to music. This is about “owning” a music library that reflects, encompasses, enriches life. Your life.-

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