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Greek residency as a European citizen

Today I learned from an immigration lawyer (Recommended!) that as a European citizen to be formally recognised as a resident in Greece (i.e. that is if you plan on staying for longer than 3 months) you must:

  • have health insurance, either private or the European health card (e.g. for a UK Citizen, Apply for a European Health Insurance Card)
  • have proof of permanent residence in Greece
  • have four, thousand euro (€4000) in a bank account, readily available for withdrawal.

That is, so as not be considered an illegal(?) immigrant.
That is, to call Greece home.
That is, in the European Union where ”free movement and residence rights” exist.

EU freedom of movement and residence

Based on the “Directive 2004/38/EC”, EU countries could may well ask you to leave or even deport you after 3 months. As far as I can see, the only reason they might not is purely on good faith among them.

To my mind, the European Union must be more integrated.