What Type Of Msc Do You Think Will Prove More Valuable?

Coming from a BSc Information Technology degree (class of 2003) I didn’t do an MSc at the time so as to get some experience first before actually deciding on one. So I really see it both as an opportunity to extend my knowledge further and as an asset for what I’d like to achieve.

The degree that I have is not a strong computer science degree. It hasn’t really become a limiting factor so far in terms of finding a job or getting things done, though I do fail miserably when it comes to data structures and algorithms.

Moving forward I’d like to venture into starting my own company so I’m really looking for the most valuable MSc to achieve my goal.

The most obvious choice is an MSc in Business Management with Entrepreneurship which will help me understand more about what it takes to start your own business. Napier University seems to be closely tied to entrepreneurship which might also help during take off. On the other hand there are many examples of people that didn’t really need an MSc for their succesful startup, so it doesn’t look like it’s that “valuable”.

The second choice is doing a purely technical skill driven MSc like Learning from Data. Managing data is becoming more important than ever and it doesn’t look like it’s going to become obsolete any time soon. The nature of the startup that I’d like to kickoff will rely heavily on data so it’s probably an important MSc to have. Also, in case I crush and burn this MSc will probably prove more valuable in exploring new job opportunities.

The third one is a joined one between IT and Philosopy or Social Sciences in general. Definitely the less valuable from all three but will help in broadening my ideas on how IT can help local societies grow. (which is also part of what I’d like to achieve through the startup)

So I’d really like to take an advice based on your experiences. Whether you already have a startup and think one of the (two) MSc did or could help you or purely from your own perspective.

Do you hold an MSc yourself? Did it prove valuable and how?

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